How do you get rid of cradle cap?

Answer The condition is usually self limited and does not require any treatment.

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How to Get Rid of Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap is the baby version of dandruff. The method below should help you get rid of cradle cap.

Can cradle cap be prevented?

Washing the hair more often than two or three times per week may dry the skin out, making it more vulnerable to cradle cap, so limited hair washing is recommended.

How to Perform a Cradle Pin?

A famous pinning manoeuvre, used by almost every wrestler at some point and used as a finisher by Jack Black's character Ignacio in the movie Nacho Libre.

How to Run a Crossface Cradle?

The crossface cradle is an effective pinning combination for use against an opponent who is either flattened out or trying to stand. This article will discuss the steps for executing this cradle pi... Read More »