How do you get rid of colic?

Answer I have a one month old and I tried two types of drops and they didnt work but i came across some colic tablets at toys r us and they hanve worked wonders it says to give them 2 every 15 mins and un... Read More »

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How to Recognize Colic?

Colic is a word every horse owner dreads, as the condition is painful for the horse and can be fatal. In general, colic refers to any form of abdominal pain, usually because of digestive system dis... Read More »

Can colic be inherited?

While equine colic, which refers to any severe abdominal pain, is not inheritable, a predisposition to it may be. Research conducted by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture has noted certain colic c... Read More »

Is colic hereditary?

On One Hand: Colic is not a DiseaseColic is not a disease; it is actually a term that refers to abdominal pain. The cause of the abdominal pain can be disease, blockages in the intestine, infestat... Read More »

Electrolytes for Colic?

Electrolytes are essential mineral salts necessary for many vital body functions, and they cannot be stored in the body. Normally, sufficient amounts of electrolytes are obtained from feed. However... Read More »