Cold sores!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer STD = See the Dr.

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Cold sores?

I am a make up artist and beauty therapist, the quickest way is to get an ice cube and hold it on the sold sore for about 10 minutes (or as long as you can handle it), use a tea towel so you wont f... Read More »

How do I get rid of Cold Sores?

You can buy " L Lysine" - an amino acid. It's pretty cheap.Buy a large bottle and take one a day and you can possibly prevent all future cold sores! I take it and have not had a single one since! Y... Read More »

How do cats get cold sores?

Cold sores in cats are likely linked to the feline herpes virus. There are over-the-counter remedies available for feline cold sores. However, you should seek treatment from a veterinarian to help ... Read More »

Supplements for Cold Sores?

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, and once a person develops a blister, the virus is forever present. Regular cold sore breakouts are uncomfortable and unsightly, and the virus is ... Read More »