Dog Fur Allergies?

Answer Allergies to dog fur can be difficult to live with, especially when you have a dog in the home. Dog fur allergies are linked to components within the fur, and not caused directly by the hair itself... Read More »

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Cat Eye Allergies?

Cat allergies occur when a feline's autoimmune system "overreacts" to some kind of allergen. When these "overreactions" occur, the cat will have several symptoms, one of those symptoms is eye aller... Read More »

Pug Allergies?

Pugs are widely known for their friendly and playful demeanor as well as comedic temperaments. With their wrinkled faces and chunky, short stature, pugs have been a long-time favorite for many dog ... Read More »

ENT & Allergies?

ENT physicians diagnose and manage diseases of the upper pharynx (mouth and throat), larynx (voice box), sinus, oral cavity and structures of the face and neck. Physicians who practice otolaryngolo... Read More »

Desensitization for Dog Allergies?

You have several treatment options if your dog suffers from allergies. Traditional treatments include steroids, allergen avoidance and desensitization. Desensitization helps your dog become immune ... Read More »