How do you get rid of a stye on your eye?

Answer rub a gold wedding ring on it 3 times or else get a thorn from a gooseberry bush and point at your stye with it saying away. away ,away.

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Help with a stye in my eye?

I think it'll be gone. Hold a warm, wet washcloth over your eye before bed at night. Don't rub your eyes with your fingertips anymore! That's probably how you got it. They don't last long, dear. No... Read More »

I have a stye on my eye and need help...?

1. Eyebath2. Pop it like a pimple3. Rub it with gold (apparently a myth but it works for me)4. If all else fails, it'll need to be cut out at hospital.

I got a stye and it's not going away, help?

Clean each eye separately. Dont mess about with them too much. Cleaning with cooled boiled water twice a day may help but use a separate cotton pad for each eye as to stop infection of the other ey... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Stye?

Swelling caused by a styeA stye is an infection in the eye and can make the eye pretty sore and irritable Here's an article that will explain this method to help make it better.