How do u get rid of a stalker?

Answer File a police report. Begin keeping a journal of every instance where you saw him, when it was, etc.Document everything he does and says.If this keeps up you can file a temporary restraining order.... Read More »

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I'm not a stalker...or am I?

Nah. That happens. Try communicating with them. That is what I did and am now nine months into a relationship.

How to Get Rid of a Stalker?

If you have such problems as someone constantly following you, turning up unexpectedly in numerous places, sending copious e-mail or text messages, sending offensive or worrying snail mail items, l... Read More »

FB stalker check lol?

The application is stupid and fake. I would recommend that you uninstall it and tell your friends not to install it. Basically, when you install it, you're giving a third party application access t... Read More »

How do I get rid of a Jealous stalker?

if you have a serious stalker you need to call the police before it gets out of hand. your stalker can become crazy jealous and try to hurt you or someone you care about. If it's just someone at sc... Read More »