How do you get rid of a headach that has lasted for more then 2 weeks?

Answer might want to get that checked the hell out

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Can allergies cause swelling under both eyes in the morning that goes away in the afternoon and has lasted for 2.5 weeks?

Answer Yes. It is very common for allergies to affect the eyes in a variety of ways. While this is common, it should be taken seriously. See a doctor while the symptoms are visible.

Can you be pregnant if you had a spot period that lasted 3 days and you have all the signs and you took 2 test 2 weeks before which came back negative?

NO. You're not pregnant especially if the test came back negative.yes you can still be pregnant the first answer is false-sometime you can be pregnancy and you can be carry low hcg which make it ha... Read More »

What causes constant headach?

headaches are caused by muscle tensions or blood flow problems. muscle tensions can be relieved by gentle massage on your forehead and nape. for blood flow problems which causes persistent headache... Read More »

I hit the back of my head lightly(by accident) and now i have a headach that will not go away?

your fine! You don't need to worry just drink a lot of water and or take pills or medicine to stop headachs