How do you get rid of a chest full of mucus?

Answer smoking

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Are a chest full of mucus that can't be coughed up and attacks of fighting to breath signs of asthma?

Answer Breathlessness and chest tightness are common signs of asthma, though it doesn't definitely mean you have asthma. If your blood relatives have a history of asthma, you should see the doctor,... Read More »

How to get rid of wheezing, and mucus in lungs/chest?

Mucous production is one of the side affects of allergic reactions, as well as wheezing. The reason that you are having a hard time breathing and hearing yourself wheeze is because your air way is ... Read More »

Sore chest! I have had a sore chest all day this mornng I couldn't take a proper full breath I also get a pain?

An upper respiratory illness (URI). Bronchitis maybe? Any chest pain should be checked out by a doctor.Feel better.

Is it legal to pull around an ice chest full of tamales for sale to whoever wants to buy them?

Sure, it's America, the land of the entrepreneur. This is like the reverse of that 'chili today, hot tamale' Mexican weather joke. Your slogan could be "Hot today? Chilly tamale!"-----------I su... Read More »