Burnt tongue?

Answer put some sugar on your tongue where you burn.

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I burnt my tongue?

ice ice ice! Uf you want a variety have an ice lolly! I know it really hurts when that happens!

How do you cure a burnt tongue?

Ooh, soo been there. I usually get it from coffee though- you know, the stuff you buy from Starbucks in the little pots that smells too nice to wait.Anyway.As the above answerer said, you can try s... Read More »

How to Soothe a Burnt Tongue?

Ouch! A burn on the tongue can be very painful. Here are some tips to ease the pain. This article assumes the burn is caused by high temperatures, not the "heat" created by capsaicin. For that, see... Read More »

I burnt my tongue today...?

keep swishing cold water in your mouth to cool it off lol.