How do you get revenge on your brothers freinds?

Answer well you can ambuse or do what you regularly do to your brother it depends how old they are

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What can you do to get revenge on your annoying brothers?

i don't advice u to do something bad for ur brother, because i made something for my brother that really annoyed him and from that time he doesn't talk to me and if i ask him a question he answers ... Read More »

Ok me and some freinds were talking about how google saves your history and government can see what you search?

nothing wrong with it, if you are going to use their services then they have the right to do so. its like police can search your house if they think you might be hiding a bomb in their country

What are some famous brothers like the Wright Brothers or the Kennedy brothers?

The Grimm Brothers they wrote most of the popular fairy tales that we know.

How to Get Revenge on Your Ex?

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