How do I get puke stains out of carpet?

Answer Baking Soda or CornstarchScrape vomit from the carpet onto a newspaper with a plastic tool or butter knife. Sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch generously over the stain. The baking soda or cornstar... Read More »

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I feel awful but i cant puke how can i make myself puke?

You shouldn't force yourself to, but this is how to if it helps.- Stick your finger down your throat, will cause a gagging reflex and make you throw up.- Drink A LOT of salty water. (I'm not 100% t... Read More »

Why do I puke so much?

Never hurts to try and eat healthy! Even just give it a trial run and eat healthy for a week and see what happens? You can also try different brands of cigarettes, if your smoking menthols maybe sw... Read More »

How can you make your self puke?

Stick 1-2 fingers down your throat. Works every time.

What Medicine can make you puke a lot?

Medicine costs money.A finger in the throat is free.Seriously, it is the easiest and most reliable way. A very common medicine, though, is epicac.