How do you get pregnant while nursing?

Answer Most nursing mothers experience lactational amenorrhea, or a delay in their return to fertility. According to La Leche League, pregnancy is highly unlikely in the first six months as long as your m... Read More »

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Can a dog get pregnant while nursing?

A female dog will not usually get pregnant while she is nursing. However, she can become pregnant again soon after giving birth to a litter, since she may go into heat again when her puppies are as... Read More »

Can a man ejaculate in a pregnant woman more than once while still pregnant?

Yes. A man can ejaculate in the body of a pregnant woman as many times as he would like to.

If a girl is already pregnant and has sex with another man while being prenant can she get pregnant again?

If there is another egg in the fallopian tube or about to be released, and it's out of reach of the sperm that fertilizes the first egg, yes. Fraternal twins have been known to have two different f... Read More »

Can a pregnant women determine the race of her baby while pregnant?

No, she can't decide what gender it will be or who the father is if there is more than one option either. If the parents are of the same race the child will be that race as well. if the parents are... Read More »