How do you get plastic plates and bowls clean in a dishwasher?

Answer Um..... put soap in the dishwasher, put the dishes in, and start the load?!

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Can putting plastic plates and bowls in the microwave give cancer?

With respect to the safety of eating foods from a microwave; well this all depends on the containers used to heat the food in. Some plastics, for instance, are more prone to the effect of "migratio... Read More »

If you put a plastic spoon in the dishwasher and it melted how do you get the smell of the burnt plastic out of the dishwasher?

Answer In an empty dishwasher, fill a dishwasher safe cup with vinegar and start the cycle. During the rinse, fill that cup with bleach and let the cycle finish. Not only will you clean your dishwa... Read More »

How do you clean burnt plastic off of dishwasher heating coil?

Don't even try. My apartment caught fire when the plastic got too hot on the heating coil. Just buy a new heating coil and replace it.

What is the best way to clean melted plastic out of the bottom of a dishwasher?

Removal of Melted Plastic I had posted this question in hopes that maybe someone could provide an answer other than what I was considering. I decided to go ahead and try what I was considering, an... Read More »