How do you get phone numbers from boys?

Answer U come off friendly then ya'll get close and u say hey will u give me your number if u cant i love 2 give u mine

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What are the boys like girls phone numbers?

How do I Stop a Browser from Displaying Skype Numbers Instead of Normal Phone Numbers?

Skype is an instant messenger service that also allows you to make phone calls and video calls. When you install Skype, it comes bundled with the Skype browser add-in. One of the features is that i... Read More »

How do you transfer phone numbers from the phone to the computer?

Hi, you've to use one of your email provider accounts. In Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and so on, they offer some possibilities in form of the MobileSync services.

How do I block phone numbers from my MCI phone?

Verizon MCI MergerNote that in 2005, Verizon purchased the assets of MCI and retired the MCI brand name and services.References:Forbes: Verizon To Acquire MCI For $6.8B