How do you get paid from giving away iPhone downloads?

Answer Like Magic :)

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How do you remove failed downloads from an iPhone 4 That is to say I tried to download a ringtone and it had an error but when I retry it from the iTune downloads menu it still can't download?

Can you get paid for giving blood?

You can get paid to give blood plasma in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society. Also, you might find someone to purchase your normal blood, but this occurs less frequently bec... Read More »

How much do you get paid for giving up a child for adoption?

Nothing. If you are considering placing your child for monetary gain I suggest you go to see a counselor. I placed my beautiful baby girl out of love for her. This should also be your reason. If yo... Read More »

Can you get paid for giving ideas to create apps for Windows or Mac or IOs or Android or anything else?

What an inane idea. Tell me , if you were making an app, would you want to make someone elses idea, and pay them for the idea too? Thought so. There's tons of ideas all across the web, realizing sa... Read More »