How do you get paid from Youtube?

Answer Contrary to popular belief, you don't "get paid" just for being a YouTube partner.Only in exceptional circumstances, when Google's "AdSense" program places"certain" advertisements alongside your vi... Read More »

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Do you get paid from a youtube account?

dont make videos just to get paid u get paid if u get partner and if ppl watch your videos but if your just in it for the money dont make one bc ppl will just see right threw you and u will make 00... Read More »

How much TV programs in UK get paid per episode and how get paid from?

Do you get paid on YouTube?

Regular users don't get paid by YouTube but YouTube Partners do.Being a YouTube Partner is having ads put on your videos and you getting paid for having those ads. Companies pay YouTube to advertis... Read More »

How to get paid on youtube?

That is a long process!First off you have to have a lot of views on all of your videos!You have to have people that come to your videos as they are posted and have a constant flow of people coming ... Read More »