Your insurance company paid all of your claims for a surgery you have had and now they are reviewing a diferrent claim for pre-existing condition can they go back on the claims they paid and take the?

Answer AnswerThe answer may depend upon the diagnosis codes used. From your question, it sounds like the procedures had different codes and therefore, the claims should have been coded differently to refl... Read More »

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Will your laon insurance cover unpaid paid sums to your bank if you left the country and accordingly lost your income?

Yes you should be. Not all general liability forms automatically add additional insureds so you need to check with your subcontractors policy. There is a web site that I have found where artisan co... Read More »

If your car insurance is paid in full can they cancel your policy for not answering a questionnaire?

Cancellation of Insurance for Questionnaire Non-ParticipationRead everything you have signed, but most likely no. That is absurd. Failure to Disclose Risk FactorsYes, they can certainly cancel your... Read More »

If your insurance company paid you for damages to your car can you use the money for a down payment on a new car instead of fixing the old one?

AnswerAs long as there is no lien against the old car, you can use the insurance settlement for anything you want. But you won't be able to get insurance on it until it is repaired.

If your condo is paid off can you transfer deed to your daughter?

Probably, yes.Unless your condominium has restrictions and reservations that would preclude your daughter from being a qualified owner, you can transfer the deed to her name.However, for example, i... Read More »