How do you get over being dumped when your pregnant?

Answer You blame the child when its really your fault. Then when you are in your forties, and your child doesnt like you but tolerates you because of your mistake, you meet up with the one that wanted to ... Read More »

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How to Get over Being Dumped?

Breaking up is a part of life, but when a close relationship breaks, It can be hard.When you've been dumped, you can normally feel very hurt and upset most of the time, especially if he/she is you'... Read More »

How to Get Over Being Dumped on Facebook?

Being digitally dumped on Facebook can be a humiliating experience because it's public, indifferent to your feelings, and probably completely unexpected. In one survey, a whopping 25 percent of res... Read More »

How to Deal With Being Dumped when You Want to Remain Friends?

You shared a wonderful friendship. Somewhere along the way, friendship turned into love. For a little while, it was even more wonderful than your platonic relationship - for you. Then the hammer dr... Read More »

How to Deal With Being Dumped by Your Same Sex Partner?

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