How to Get over a Break Up, Move On, Fix Your Life and Stop Having a Broken Heart?

Answer RULE: Being single doesn’t make you weak. You know, screaming and crying only means that you are alive. And strong, because admitting that you are in so much pain takes an act of courage, not ind... Read More »

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Heart to heart conversation over mail to Oprah Winfrey?

How to Not Break Someone's Heart?

There is no way not to break someone's heart. If someone loves you and you don't love them back, then cut it off as quickly and cleanly as possible. Dragging it out and spending time with them will... Read More »

How to Break a Girl's Heart on Club Penguin?

If you've ever been bored on Club Penguin, this is for you.

How to Break a Guys Heart on Club Penguin?

Wanna break a guys heart on Club Penguin? Then you came to the right place! [This article is for girls only. I will make a guy version soon!]