How to Fight a Speeding Ticket in California with Ticket Busters?

Answer You're driving down the freeway at seventy miles per hour and all of a sudden, you see red lights flashing behind you. You get that feeling in your stomach that is all too familiar to some of us dr... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of My Speeding Ticket?

Even the most cautious of drivers can get a speeding ticket. Authorities can issue a ticket if you're going just a few miles over the speed limit. If you're speeding up to pass someone or to get up... Read More »

Speeding ticket?

100+ in 1979 from a bear in the air. I was off my bike & looking at a used car when the state patrol car pulled in & called me over to listen to the air plane on the radio, subject exceeded 100mph ... Read More »

Is a speeding ticket an offense?

Abiding by the speed limit is the law, therefore, if you are issued a speeding ticket, it is considered a traffic offense. The penalty for a speeding ticket varies from state to state, and it depen... Read More »

Can you get a speeding ticket at night?

Police officers issue speeding tickets to drivers for breaking the speed limit. This is not dependent on the time of day, but only the speed at which the vehicle is traveling when detected.Referenc... Read More »