How do you get on myspace at school with some of the proxy's blocked?

Answer You don't! There is a reason why MySpace is blocked while you are at school. Because the computer at school is for school use only. So use it at home. Imagine if everyone got use of MySpace, nobo... Read More »

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Proxys to bypass blocked networks?

You are asking for assistance to break the law.Giving you such assistance, is an illegal act, even if you don't use the information.It's not something you'll get any help with here.

How can i get on myspace, my school has it blocked?

Quit school and join the military. You're wasting resources for students who want to learn instead of screw-around on the internet.

How do you get on myspace if eveything is blocked at school.?

Circumventing Internet access control systems with web proxies to access unauthorized web sites is a violation of school computer usage policy. You will get suspended and/or banned from using schoo... Read More »

How do i unblock myspace from my school computer proxies are blocked too?

Illegal activities have been reported to the proper authorities!