How do you get on Myspace on schools computers?

Answer UMMMMM You don't? You do school work on school computers and wait till you get home to do your personal web browsing

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How to Go on MySpace on School Computers?

Many of us (especially those who have been in high school in the past 5-10 years) have found ourselves on a school computer trying to access MySpace, Facebook, Youtube or another website and found ... Read More »

Why do schools block Myspace and Facebook?

The school feels that these sites are not educational but in fact are distracting to getting ones education, therefore they block the hell out of these sites.

Y do the stupid schools block myspace?

You can unblock MySpace with a proxy at school - here are a few sites that work good:http://www.LateForSchool.infohttp://www.SiteRouter.infoBe sure to tell your friends or post them to you myspace ... Read More »

Computers And Schools?

Hospitals, big and small businesses, schools and even homes have access to computers, so it is apparent that computers play a big part in society. Computers help to prepare students from primary sc... Read More »