How do you get music off a CD on to i tunes then on a i phone?

Answer First, go to the mailbox you want to delete emails from. Then click edit on the top right corner of the screen. Next, click the white dot that appears on the left of the email and when it's check-m... Read More »

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How do you make an I-Tunes account and then transfer it unto an I-Phone 4?

It's free when you go in the store ( as so I saw on the website ) but they said its like 50$ a month .

Can i transfer music from i-tunes on one computer to i-tunes on another computer?

Yes, you can transfer music from iTunes on one computer to iTunes on another computer. If the computers are on the same network at home or work, you can do so without using any other software or ha... Read More »

How do you sync iPhone purchased music to I tunes?

1) Plug in your iPhone to your PC or Mac. 2) Start iTunes and click on your iPhone's name.3) Then go to the Music section.4) Right-Click on the song.5) Click Sync.

How to Make Your Samba Music Tunes?

Writing samba tunes requires musical expertise and knowledge of various styles of Brazilian samba rhythms and harmonies. To make a samba music tune, you need to have a basic understanding of compos... Read More »