How do you get more views on youtube?

Answer The best thing to do is find videos that get thousands of views a day, and in the comments, tell people to watch your videos. Trust me i used it and generated about 200 views in one day an a new vi... Read More »

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On Youtube, will you get more views using more or less "tag words"?

I think you can get more views by leaving good comments and ratings on other people's videos. They'll see that and go see yours. Try it on this channel:

How do I get more views on YouTube?

do tutorials or things like that people like that lol yeah if u have one film ur pet doing something stupid or ur sister or brother that makes people laugh . get twitter tumblr facebook and ... Read More »

How can I get more YouTube views?

You always have to think about some things:How do they find my video?If they have found them, are they going to watch it?Example:I make a video about how to operate a dishwasher, I am aiming on peo... Read More »

How can I get more views on youtube?

The trick is putting a good name on it, use names similar to the ones most searched for and commonly typed words, eg funny, stupid, something the typical user would type in, once they have clicked ... Read More »