How do you get more magical seeds in Babydow?

Answer You just need to go to the boutique, click on seeds and buy either a cabbage seed for a boy, or rose for a girl. They each cost 1000 beads. Hope I helped :D If you need Magic Seeds then go to the F... Read More »

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What to go to on babydow to plant seeds for twins on babydow?

Here is what you do, go to your garden, where it says how much fertilizer you have, it should say how many mandrake elrixs, ME, the twin thing.

Do green apples have more seeds or does the red apple have more?

no the red apple does cause the seeds suck out the juice of the read apple

How do I get more seeds for downloads in BitTorrent?

Open Firewall PortsFirst, determine which port your BitTorrent client is using. Popular BitTorrent clients like µTorrent and Vuze will list the port number in the preferences window under "Connect... Read More »

Do herb seeds last for more than a year?

That is dependent on the type of the herb, some are only viable for a few short weeks, others can be sown years later with reduced but still good results. Consult a good herb gardening book from yo... Read More »