How do you get money faster on virtual family on iphone?

Answer Well first of all go into details and and see what he or shes job is then just drag them to the place where they would work eg kitchen and then their status will be working on career

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How do you earn money faster in virtual family?

Well first this is for iPods but it will probally work on a computer too! So you go to your iPod/computer settings and find the date & time area then you can advance the time, to earn money, but al... Read More »

How do you get more money on virtual families iPhone?

You cannot. That feature is only available on the PC version. You can i don't know what there on a bout go into settings and change the date back 2 or more years 2 works the best so 2012 it would b... Read More »

So I got an iphone 4 and my family dont know cuz if i tell their gonna shout eventhough i got it from my money?

The iPhone doesn't have a user removable battery. Are they paying the bills? Unless you've already got Smartphones they're going to see the data plan. Also if this is Verizon they'll see what your... Read More »

IPhone 3GS to iPhone 4. I just bought a iPhone 3GS the day before the iPhone 4 was announced. Is there any way I can return mine with the money going towards the iPhone 4?

I'm assuming this is old as the iPhone has been out awhile, but no there is no return policy with Apple or AT&T.