How do you get medical insurance when you have depression and take medication and Blue Cross denied coverage and don't qualify for low income coverage?

Answer Answer You can get coverage through the Benefits Companies also known as Discount Plans.Research the companies and look for the highest discount, what all they give you as a member, and the amount ... Read More »

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Does new medical insurance coverage automatically become the primary coverage?

Answer No, I'm checking on the CA State Law, but haven't found it yet. Here's the research I found so far.From Blue Cross Administrators ManualMedicare is the primary payor for employees age 65 or... Read More »

When a noncustodial parent is ordered to pay unreimbursed medical expenses and both parents have insurance coverage for the child how can you prove the custodial parent has coverage when she denies it?

Answer The attorney representing the non-custodial parent can serve the custodial parent with a interogatory summons requesting proof of insurance or the lack thereof. If the parent wishing such in... Read More »

Can you be denied health insurance coverage if you have asthma?

Yes - Aetna just did it to us because our daughter has asthma. I was so shocked. They stated the reason that her combined conditions of asthma and eczema (yes mild eczema - at least for her) "exc... Read More »

Can Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield deny coverage for a pregnancy if you were pregnant before getting covered but hadn't been to the doctor yet?

Answer A carrier may not deny benefits on the grounds that a pregnancy is a “pre-existing condition.”