How do you get married in UK with a illegal immigrant BBC?

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Can illegal immigrant workers file taxes with the IRS?

Since 1996, illegal immigrants have been able to file taxes with the IRS using the Individual Tax Identification Number, according to MSNBC. Many illegals choose to file using this method as a way ... Read More »

What are the legal rights of an illegal immigrant mother of a child with US citizenship?

Answer If the child is a minor, but has US citizenship, then it may be easier to get a green card. Surely the US will not send a mother back to her origination without her child.

I live in Detroit Michigan,thee man i married was married to a immigrant 1990 & we said I DO IN 1993....?

As this is the Detroit Dining section I recommend you find a different man and go out to eat at Roast.

Can a 17 year old illegal immigrant be adopted by US citizen with consensus of both legal parents?