How do you get labor points on the west online?

Answer you use your skill points

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Assisted Living Labor Laws for West Virginia?

Assisted living facilities offer elderly residents more independence than is possible in a traditional nursing home. Nurses and assisted living employees make this kind of care possible by helping ... Read More »

How to Use Acupressure Points During Labor?

Labor is a painful experience. Some women want a natural childbirth, using no medication to control pain. Other women want to use medication to control pain, but may be unable to get the medication... Read More »

What are the pressure points that will make you go into labor?

The function of amniotic fluid is to let the baby (or as they call it feotus) inhale and exhale whilst growing inside the mother.

What are the pressure points to bring on labor?

My understanding is that on the onside of both legs measure out three fingers above the ankle bone and that is where you should massage to bring on labour!!!!