How do you get java on your jailbroken iPhone?

Answer You dont

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Can you download free apps from a jailbroken iphone into a non jailbroken iphone if you have the same apple id?

If you have an iPhone 3GS jailbroken and unlocked and you want to use the new wind mobile in Canada Will windmobile work with your iPhone?

How to Use 3G on a Jailbroken iPhone?

3G is a high-speed, cellular data connection available from most mobile service providers. Jailbreaking is a process that modifies an iPhone so it can be used on another carrier's network. Jailbrea... Read More »

What does jailbroken mean for your iphone?

Jail Break is term used to unlock the ipod touch to install third party application on it. If you jail break your ipod touch, you can use it as a PDA or palmtop.When you buy ipod touch/iphone you w... Read More »