How do you get iPhone voicemail messages?

Answer Of course N97!

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How to Save Voicemail Messages Permanently?

Saving messages was easy with older answering machines and voicemail systems. You just pulled out the cassette holding the messages, put it away someplace safe for eternity and put a new cassette i... Read More »

How to Pickup My Sprint Voicemail Messages From Another Phone?

Callers to your Sprint phone can leave messages when you are unable to answer the phone. An alert will be sent to your phone to let you know there is a new voice mail message. The message can be re... Read More »

Do you dislike leaving messages on answer phones / voicemail?

Yes i always panic say something stupid and put the phone down

How to set up voicemail on new iphone 3g?

Call your own number, and while it's telling you that your voicemail isn't set up, press star (*) and it will prompt you to your voicemail set up. Hope I helped (: