How do you get htc hero off of headset mode?

Answer the galaxy tab it better then the iphone because it has hundreds of more apps than the iphone and its battey power is stronger then an iphones.

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What is precision mode in Guitar Hero 3?

If you want to increase the difficulty level on Guitar Hero 3, switch to precision mode. You'll have to play the notes just as the guitarist would for each song.Tighter TimeYou have a smaller windo... Read More »

How to Win in Battle Mode in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock?

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How do I fix my Tritton AX 180 headset It broke where the earphone connects to the top of the headset?

I'm working on the same thing. I'll update this answer If I find out how

Can I attach the mic from the Astro A40 headset to the Roccat Kave headset? offering an roccat aim assist for call of duty 4 here is a link