If my dad has hepatitis c, do I?

Answer Most cases of hepatitis C infection are the result of reusing contaminated needles for injecting, or sometimes from poorly sterilised tattooing equipment.Occasionally hepatitis C can be passed on t... Read More »

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Is hepatitis C hereditary?

On One Hand: Disease Arises From Blood-borne VirusHepatitis C is caused by the hepatitis C virus, which people acquire mainly through exposure to infected blood or body fluids but also, possibly, b... Read More »

Is hepatitis c genetic?

On One Hand: Hepatitis C Is Not Typically GeneticThe cause of Hepatitis C, or HCV, is blood to blood contact. This contact can occur in a number of ways, including needle injections, blood transfus... Read More »

Is hepatitis a virus?

There are different kinds of Hepatitis. Often, it is viral, however, Hepatitis can refer to any inflammation of the liver, and also can be caused by excessive alcohol use and autoimmune conditions.... Read More »

How to Overcome Hepatitis C?

If you think you may have Hepatitis C, here are some ways to deal with the issue.