How do you get hearts and peace signs wen u are typing?

Answer hearts on myspace is- & hearts ;peace on myspace is- & # 9 7 7 4 ;without the spaces :)

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How do i make those little signs on the computer the ones made from number codes like hearts etc?

Easiest way is to go to Start then Run and type charmap, then you can cut and paste any character in any font.

How to Make Peace Signs on YouTube?

YouTube video descriptions and comments can accept special symbols, such as a peace sign character, but they do not accept HTML code, which is the normal means of creating a peace sign to display o... Read More »

How to Make Peace Signs in MySpace Characters?

If you have ever wondered why some of your Myspace friends are able to type out symbols, such as peace signs, in text fields along with words in messages or on display names, it isn't a special key... Read More »

Who know how to call this style when everything is colorul and have signs of peace..?

In japan it would be considered "Harajuku"In america it would be "scene" or even "raver"Hope I helped :)