How do you get gum off of a retainer?

Answer oil, vaseline, ice, water, wet towel.

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I've got blue. The colour doesn't really matter unless you hold your mouth wide open, which is the only time you can see it, but I don't do that a lot.The day I got it, when my braces were taken of... Read More »

Is it ok not to wear my retainer for one day?

Yeah its fine as long as you put it back on after you are done swimming, a lot of people don't actually keep their retainers on all the time, and their teeth were fine.

How to Fake a Retainer?

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Can I get the clear retainer?

If you ask for the clear retainer set, they should be able to provide them. There may be an extra charge for them, but my ortho gave me both kinds (the clear ones as back ups). All they have to do... Read More »