How do you get guardianship of your nephew in foster care?

Answer You need to file a Child In Need Of Care motion with the family court. Have a complete parenting plan ready, and how you plan to address any problems with the parent the child was taken from.

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How do you obtain guardianship of your sister who is in foster care?

You contact the socialworker who's dealing with her case, you have to be an adult, and they will see if you are suitable.

How do you get custody of your nephew in Colorado foster care?

To get full custody of your nephew , you must have very , very good reasons to take him from his rightful parents. You must prove beyound doubt that both his biological parents are not fit to look ... Read More »

How does an aunt get custody of her nephew in another state in foster care?

You would need to file a child in need of care motion in that state. But, living out of state could limit your chances.

Can i take my child out of foster care after I'm out of foster care when im 18?

i don't see y not i mean that's ur kid right then hell ya u can have him but u will probly have to adopt him or go threw the cort u know but u will have to have a job and a house with every thing i... Read More »