How to Remove Fiberglass Slivers from Your Skin?

Answer Fiberglass, a material consisting of extremely fine glass fibers, is used in making various products, such as yarns, fabrics, insulators, and structural objects or parts. When shards of this materi... Read More »

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What is the best way to remove fiberglass from your skin?

Answers Duct tape. The hair may go away too, so be warned. Take a piece of duct tape and place it on the skin and it will stick to the fiberglass fibers that are still above the skin. Remove the du... Read More »

Stop itching skin from a fiberglass pool?

All fiberglass has a final coating of gel coat, it could be marine gel coat, tooling gel coat, or swimming pool gel coat. Typically, swimming pool gel coat will last about 20 years before it loses ... Read More »

What are the disadvantages in fiberglass relining of fiberglass lined concrete swimming pool?

What we are about to show you are the facts about toxic fiberglass products and why Epoxy is becoming so popular today. First of all Polyester and Vinyl ester resins are ½ the strength of epoxy an... Read More »

Can skin cancer be caused my writing on your skin with marker?

Yes its true you are damaging your skin with the chemicals in the ink and putting them into your skin please stop otherwise you might get skin cancer