How do you get custody of a sibling?

Answer Answer Take it to the courts. If you are stable, can show the parent is harmful to your sibling, then you have a very good chance. Siblings get custody of younger siblings all the time. Getting a p... Read More »

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Can a sibling get custody of a younger sibling if both parents are alive?

In the original concept planning for Disney's 1989 feature film The Little Mermaid, Ursula was indeed Triton's sister, and she was kicked out of the palace in Atlantica for trying to usurp the thro... Read More »

How can a sibling get custody of another sibling?

A third party--including a grandparent, aunt, uncle or sibling--may file for custody of a child, if he/she meets the requirements for an appropriate custodian. A court of law will look to several f... Read More »

How to Get Custody of a Sibling?

Getting custody of a sibling can be a particularly tricky type of custody battle. Siblings are often close in age, and share one or both parents, making the fight to obtain custody emotionally drai... Read More »

Sibling Custody Laws in Canada?

Canadian courts empower siblings to take custody in the event of the absence or incompetence of a parent. Once the bestowal of custody works in the best interests of the child, adult siblings are f... Read More »