How do you get custody of a child that is not yours?

Answer its called adoption.You do not have to adopt to get full custody of a child. You can request that the court place the children in your care without adopting.

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How can you get custody for your unborn child if you know that its yours?

No one apart from the mother can obtain "custody" of a fetus. Custody battles must wait until the child has been born. You can file for paternity testing, although it would probably be best to wai... Read More »

Can a parent that is behind in child support get joint custody of a child whos mother already has full legal custody?

AnswerCertainly some evidence of responsibility (ie paying child support, job, time spent with the child) would help your case. Joint custody, however, is not just for the purpose of reducing chil... Read More »

Where do you start the process to get custody of kids that are not yours?

Answer The first thing that must be established is that the parent(s) or whomever is caring for the children is neglectful and/or abusive towards them.The interested party should contact the state... Read More »

If a father had custody of a child for 7 years mother took the child and was awarded custody father is now issued a warrent and back pay is that legal?

Answer Yes.Physical custody does not constitute sole legal custody, in which one parent has been given the legal authority to make all decisions concerning a minor child, including change of resid... Read More »