Seedling leaves chewed off?

Answer Set mouse traps and start more seeds.

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How to Fix a Chewed Cordless Phone Charger?

You love your pet and you like your cordless phone charger, but sometimes the two don't mix real well. If your pet has chewed through your charger, don't spend $30 or more on a replacement. Instead... Read More »

How to Remove Chewed Gum from Pockets?

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How do I repair furniture that has been chewed on by a dog?

Replace LegsCut loose wood with a handheld saw if the wood table or chair legs are chewed through and can no longer support the furniture. Remove old glue from the joint by sanding it away with 320... Read More »

Why do wintergreen mints spark when chewed?

If you look in a mirror while biting or chewing a wintergreen mint in a darkened room, you will note a spark in your mouth. This is caused by triboluminescence.HistoryBack in the 1600's, Sir Franci... Read More »