How do you get cell phone spyware off your android?

Answer There are countless cool and good apps available on android market. It completely depends on your own taste. I always look for best fun providing game apps. My favorite game that i rate as a good a... Read More »

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Will Android Support Free WiFi Use of Cell Phones Kogan Technologies is coming out with a cell phone based on the Android Platform.. is the era of free cell phone use about to begin?

yes android can be connected to any free (or encrypted) WiFi access point ... kogan agora is not on market ... but there is a lot of other android phones ... HTC HERO, just use google search ...

How to Detect Spyware on a Cell Phone?

Most people are aware of and take action to guard against spyware on their computers. Most people, however, aren't aware that malicious spyware viruses exist solely to infect cell phones. Usually y... Read More »

Is cell phone spyware illegal?

According to NewsFlavor, it is not legal to use spyware on cell phones. However, this does not prevent people from purchasing it and businesses from selling it. Cell phone spyware not only allows p... Read More »

How do i know if spyware is installed on my cell phone?

1) Spam E-Mail OR Text Messages.2) Random stopping/freezing of phone3) Phone Slowing Down.4) Random Photos5) Touch Screen Digitizer is bad (When you touch something on phone the coordination is mes... Read More »