How do you get celebrities IM?

Answer  How Do You Get A Celebrities IM?Celebrities are too busy working or doing photo shoots, etc., to IM.Type in the celebrity that you like and ask: Fan Club for ________________(put the celebrities ... Read More »

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How do celebrities and non-celebrities end up in relationships together?

All celebrities and non celebrities relationships all have different reasons how they met each other. Celebrities tend to be very active and social. They attend many parties, go on vacations, award... Read More »

How do i make celebrities on the wii?

Choose CelebrityOn your computer, go to a website for celebrity Miis. Type the name of the celebrity you wish to make in the search field. Select the Mii closest to the one you want. For example, t... Read More »

How to Talk to Celebrities?

Picture this: You're walking down the street and suddenly you see your favourite celebrity walking by! How do you behave around a celebrity? How do you behave like a normal fan? How do you ask them... Read More »

Celebrities in Baltimore?

That director John Waters is the only famous celeb I can think of who lives there. Also baseball great Cal Ripken Jr lives in the area.