How do you get both headphones working?

Answer If you truly want real ones buy them on gagas official websites store

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Is it bad to use your headphones while working out?

no. they were basically desgined for runners and people like that. At least now thats what they're geared towards. You headphones survive ear wax and insane descibles waves. I'm sure it can handle ... Read More »

Headphones not working and NEW!?

if they work in your laptop, then they are fine. there is probably a problem with your phones headphone jack. you coukd take it somewhere for repair. also your phones headphone jack could be the wr... Read More »

How do you fix a headphones is only one is working?

Oh, no! Usually, the cause of one side working is that the wire cord has broken on the inside from either being jerked on, or from a lot of bending back and forth. In the case of lower-price headp... Read More »

How do you know if your PS3 headphones are working?