How do you get blue ray movies to work in ps3?

Answer Your PS3 must be set up correctly for 1080p on a 1080p HDTV with HDMI cable then you just slide in the disc

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Dose BLue Ray movies work on a PlayStation 2?

no they don't because they can only play movies that are only can work in a normal DVD player. but if u get a PlayStation iii you will be able to play blue ray DVDs normal DVD and you can do alot m... Read More »

Can you watch blue ray movies on a blue ray player without high def cable?

What's a blue ray dvd player How much does it cost Do I need HD TV to watch movies in blue ray?

It's an HD (1080p) alternative to DVD. Disks look like DVDs but won't play on a DVD player (although DVDs will play on a Blu-ray player). They also feature improved sound over DVD ... but you need... Read More »

Can non blue ray movies be played in a blue ray player?

Yes, regular DVD's can be played in blu-ray players.