How do you get better at photography?

Answer Practice. Pretty much anything you do will get your knowledge of photography up. You never really quit learning when it comes to photography. One thing you can do is get hold of one of the old book... Read More »

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Is 1800's photography better then are photography today?

I think yes.Ive been doing allot of work using film recently, medium, large and 35mm.There is so much more skill involved using film (that was used back then)Not only film but photographic paper wa... Read More »

Photography ...... Is Digital or Conventional photography better?

It is without a doubt that digital photography has revolutionized the commercial photography industry as well as the consumer photo market. However, the decision of whether digital or film is bett... Read More »

Which is better photography ba or photography bfa?

A BA degree is just a Bachelors of Art, and a BFA degree is a Bachelors of Fine Arts. Usually Fine Arts degrees have a more rigorous fine art curriculum and require a portfolio for acceptance into ... Read More »

Which is better digital or film photography?

What is your subject? What is your intent?In this day and age, digital is almost always better. It allows superior manipulation post-capture and much greater flexibility.There still are those seeki... Read More »