How do you get backbreaker on your android?

Answer Go to the android market and search for backbreaker.

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How Do You Jump in the Touchdown on "Backbreaker"?

"Backbreaker" is an NFL-style football game released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2010. It is especially notable for its use of the Euphoria NaturalMotion animation system, which uses physics to add... Read More »

Does the iPhone have Backbreaker Football?

yes but not in the normal sense you must buy a Verizon iPhone and have it flashed with cricket software capable on the iPhone im sure a OS will arise soon after the release of Verizon iPhone is rel... Read More »

Can you download the lastes android software on your android phone like on iphones?

Would you like your own android app that would be published in the Android Market?

Just to answer this maybe mid 2012 I'm not sure I may be wrong but this is an estimate so this question doesn't stay unanswered.