How do you get back to eating normally after you have your wisdom teeth removed?

Answer I agree with TSR.I also believe, you should try to switch to normal foods. As TSR suggested, try to stay away from 'hard' & overly crisp foods [nachos, pretzels, hard & unroasted nuts] for a while ... Read More »

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Is it ok to have a cigarette after getting your wisdom teeth removed?

Answer:Dentists tell you not to drink hot liquids or smoke because doing either may affect the tissue from healing as quickly. Answer: NoWait at least 48 hours. Answer:NO - SMOKE AT YOUR OWN RIS... Read More »

Do you have to keep gauze in your mouth for bleeding after wisdom teeth are removed?

It's better if you do. It will stop the bleeding sooner and help prevent a dry socket. A dry socket is VERY painful. Just use a small piece and fold it into a small square, put the square directly ... Read More »

When should you stop eating before having your wisdom teeth removed?

You should have no food or water 6 hours prior to surgery if you are having anaesthetic

Why are your cheeks hard and hot after you got your wisdom teeth removed 3 days ago?

Because that's how life works..! Really I mean are you dying?? STFU quit bitching and get a life