How do you get back to eating normally after you have your wisdom teeth removed?

Answer I agree with TSR.I also believe, you should try to switch to normal foods. As TSR suggested, try to stay away from 'hard' & overly crisp foods [nachos, pretzels, hard & unroasted nuts] for a while ... Read More »

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When should you stop eating before having your wisdom teeth removed?

You should have no food or water 6 hours prior to surgery if you are having anaesthetic

Once wisdom teeth are removed can they ever grow back?

Not generally. Every time someone makes a definitive statement about something like that, someone will come along who disproves it so it generally isn?t a good idea to say what can and what can't h... Read More »

Wisdom teeth removed today ... Would I be able to go back to work Monday?

It really depends on your pain level,but honestly I would wait until Tuesday to be on the safe is like a minor surgery and air and talking wont help.

Wisdom teeth surgically removed. Any words of wisdom?

eat lots of fresh pineapple (not the canned kind) two weeks before hand. it prevents swelling, trust me!and cancel all your plans for the next three days. all you will want to do is lie on the couc... Read More »