How do you get back internet options and tools when they both disappeared?

Answer It would have helped to know which Windows operating system you are using and at what version level, along with the version of Internet Explorer that you should have installed.If those options are ... Read More »

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You have two primary health insurances and want to know if they both have to pay as primaries not as a secondary and what happens if a bill gets overpaid when they both pay?

AnswerEventually the insurances will figure out that one is overpaying and they'll get refunds from the doctors. Note that some policies do not coordinate and then they both might pay as prime cor... Read More »

Which browserer do I use for installing internet options and tools I have window xp?

You will need to have Microsoft's Internet Explorer installed to be able to do several things within any Windows operating system, such as downloading Microsoft updates.But the Mozilla FireFox brow... Read More »

How to Solve Folder Options Disappeared in Control Panel?

In Windows XP Professional, if the Folder Options icon does not appear in the Control Panel, it may be hidden via a local Group Policy setting. If that is the case, here is how to undo this setting.

What do you do when both the girl and the boy are underage and they both don't want a baby and the girl becomes pregnant?

Answer Have the girl call Birthright 1-800-550-4900 right away. Also if she goes to any local Catholic church and tells them of her situation they will help her. Answer Go to a Planned Parenthoo... Read More »