How do you get back at your brother without being beat up afterward?

Answer When no one is looking, take your brother's toothbrush and use it to scrub the toilet bowl (preferably after you use it). Enjoy the satisfaction while looking at your brother brush his teeth:) Note... Read More »

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How can you beat up your little brother without getting in trouble?

How do you stop your little brother when he's being annoying without getting into trouble?

Can you adopt your brother both your parents are dead you are 26 your brother is 13 He is currently living with you but social services have put him forward for adoption without consulting you.?

Even if social services put him forward for adoption, you should be the first consideration. Even as evil as they can seem sometimes, they do want to keep families together. Adoption is a long proc... Read More »

What is the legal age to move out of your parents' house or run away without being forced back home in Connecticut?

if you have a job a form of transpirtation to ur job and a place to stay you can move out at 16