How do you get around The Pirate Bay's new ad for Privitize VPN?

Answer Stop using pirate bay?

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Which protocol is used by Privitize VPN and should I trust this VPN?

It wasn't that tough. It *does* go into your registry, though - there are 2 registry entries.1)Uninstall the program through the control panel.2)remove it as your home page (When it installs, it re... Read More »

What is the name of the old kid show on NPT Nashville Public Television that had a pirate looking for treasure with a genie The pirate would talk to the tv like he was addressing the kids watching?

This has been bothering me for years! From what I've found, it was called I-Land Treasure. This link ( is to a message board, but if you... Read More »

Can bays be brown only?

A bay has a certain gene that restricts black pigment to points of its body. Other than the horse's tail, lower legs, ears and mane, the horse is a variant of a reddish color. A bay can be any colo... Read More »

What do yuo think of michael bays version of TMNT?

Yeah... If it were up to me, that a**hole would be shot dead for attempting to ruin TMNT. He already f***ed up Transformers. Its as Jay Baruchel says in Fanboys. Michael Bay is all style, no substa... Read More »